ART INCEND from Cassie Hester on Vimeo.


Art Incend is an annual Fall event hosted by the Department of Art at the University of West Georgia. The week-long event features workshops in a number of artistic disciplines—from painting and printmaking to sculpture and ceramics. Activities include a number of “incendiary” events, such as anagama and raku firings as well as a large iron pour, hence the name Art Incend. Art Incend attracts art students and faculty from a number of local universities and high schools, as well as the community at large. In the interest of promoting a broad interest in this event, an inexpensive poster was required for wide distribution. A simple logotype was designed and laser-cut in 1/4 inch clear acrylic. The acrylic design was anchored to a black board and red laser pointers were directed through the acrylic form. The red beams were refracted, creating a simmering, red glow. A series of laser configurations were documented with a SLR camera.

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