DIG DEEP | 16' x 4'

DIG DEEP | Vimeo | Pollak Courtyard (2011–16), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

Installed on the exterior wall of the Pollak Building, one of Virginia Commonwealth University’s design facilities, this 16 foot by 4 foot typographic installation is made of treated plywood, white paint, galvanized nails, clear plastic straws, and pink and white outdoor sequins. Each nail on the one inch grid contains at least one sequin and a clear plastic buffer between it and the board. The nails that comprise the message feature two sequins, a white sequin facing the viewer and a pink sequin facing the board. Reflected light makes the words visible.

Individuals often interaced with the piece by viewing it from afar and coming in close to analyze the detail. On days without wind, people would blow on the surface or fan the piece with their arms, causing the discs to flutter and form a living surface. On windy days, it was not uncommon to see people pause and observe the piece for a few seconds in their rush to get to and from classes.