In 2008, I participated in Project M, a month-long annual program that brings creative volunteers and advisors from all over the world together to collaborate and design for the greater good.

In June of 2008, the Project M team established a permanent work space in Greensboro — The Project M Lab. The Lab was open to any and all who wished to collaborate to benefit the local community and/or work on larger greater good initiatives. It was also home to Project M every year during the month of June.

Since The Lab space was intended to be used by many different groups for various projects, we wanted the exterior signage to be versatile/modifiable so that each group could make the space their own. Inexpensively constructed and complimentary to the aesthetic of Greensboro, The Lab sign I designed is made of treated plywood, bolts, washers, and wing-nuts and is easily customized. The washers and wing-nuts can be arranged on the grid of bolts to articulate whatever the M’ers/inhabitants desire.