Although we live in an age of technological wonders, achieving complex forms through the use of my hands and various “dead technologies” is very satisfying. This animated poster promoted an exhibition of typographic photogram posters entitled, Push Until It Falls Apart.

Although it may look like Photoshop or coding magic, the main typographic images are the product of many hours in the darkroom with photo-sensitive paper, water, vinyl, laser-cut acrylic, and gelatin. (In fact, the grid-like texture in found in the "H" of "PUSH" is the result of my thumbprint in the gelatin). The way in which the light filtered through the carefully arranged physical composition was delightfully unpredictable. With each photogram print, I changed the angle, exposure time, etc. until the image eventually fell apart. The 4 most successful prints were scanned (and very lightly edited to remove specks of dust) and combined into an animated gif.