EDIBLE TYPE AWARDS | #EdibleTypeAwards

Each stainless steel and resin trophy is hand-crafted using 9 custom silicone molds. The students with the top 3 branding projects are awarded these one of a kind trophies.

The Edible Type Awards started as a short Typography I project in 2014 and evolved into a semester-long, multi-faceted project by 2019. The assignment is broken into multiple components — complete with edible letterforms — and culminates in a public competition/reception.

Students are randomly assigned a typeface by drawing specimens out of a hat. We start developing logotypes by first evaluating the formal characteristics of typefaces, specifically what and how they communicate. I get the conversation going by asking students to anthropomorphize the typefaces. (e.g., If Curlz was a person, what are some words you would use to describe them? Is Curlz female, male, or gender neutral? Young or old?)

Students supplement this method of inquiry with traditional research in order to conceptually relate their typeface to a specific type of cuisine and eating establishment (café, bar, food truck, etc.). Logotypes, menus, packaging elements, etc. are crafted to complement the formal qualities of the typeface and allude to the nature of the establishment.